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My name is Daisha Bates and I work in the fashion industry full-time as a personal shopper and stylist. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in August of 2019 from Buffalo State University. Since graduating I have worked at Rue Gilt Groupe full- time as a personal shopper/ stylist, Hanna Andersson full- time seasonally as a personal shopper. I am currently assisting established stylists with their business needs at a freelance level. My love for styling is huge, but more than that my love for people is even bigger.


Being a stylist and helping people to see themselves in a different light and bring passion and joy to their world is immeasurable. I tell my clients there are so many things we can’t control in our lives and things that happen to us that again are out of our control, but the one thing we can control is how we show up in the world through personal style and our styling choices. 

Exclusive Services

My services are here to help you take back control in your life through even just one avenue specifically here being personal style. The goal is to bring out that confidence that already lies in you.

Get Started with a Consultation

This is a free 15 minute consultation with Daisha to discuss your quiz results and determine what services would best fit your needs.

Shop a Lookbook | 30 min | $75

​You will have this back within 2 weeks after filling out my style questionnaire form then we meet once viewed by you to discuss it. You get one round of editing included. : I will create a personalized Look Book, of pieces I have virtually “pulled” for you with suggestions on outfitting and how to style. From the look book you can choose which pieces to purchase and buy directly from the retailer with my unique urls. You will get 20-30 pieces and 10 outfit ideas with style advice.​

Event Styling | 30 min | $50

In this session you'll get 2-3 options for a specific event you are attending complete with jewelry, shoes, handbags, etc.

Moodboard/Styleboard Creation | 40 min | $40

This is to give you an idea of a styling concept you want to create on your own with inspiring pictures, words, looks, etc.

Personal Shopping Session | 60 min | $50

​I will assist you with online shopping for an hour to find specific looks you need. During this hour we will create 3 complete looks together.

Capsule Wardrobe Curation | 2 Hours | $50

Creating a capsule wardrobe for you with up to 20 pieces and 10 outfit ideas

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