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Avasha is the first virtual personal styling platform that is accessible to anyone, no matter your gender, income status, body shape, unique style, etc. 

Personal style is such an intricate part of your life and self expression and struggling with it can lead to things like lowered self-esteem, self-isolation and even mental health issues. 

So let's keep it simple- No matter who you are, what you identify as, or how you want to dress, you deserve the opportunity to look and feel your best. 

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Struggling with personal style and confidence is something all too close to us - founders Elizabeth Shrout (left) and Ally Hawkins (right). We met as kids and have grown up together in what we consider the peak of sociatal pressure to look your best. 

Over the years we've noticed that finding your personal style and feeling confident in it is nearly impossible and only continues to get harder. Despite the many "solutions" available (subscription boxes, blogs, youtube channels, influencers etc.), nothing seems to stick. Why? because they all solve only a part of the problem.


This is why we created Avasha.

Working one-on-one is the only way to solve the whole problem. A stylist can cater specifically to you,  your body shape, tastes, color palette and more to help you define your personal style as well as curate your perfect wardrobe.

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