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My name is Reece Johnson and I am a personal stylist who works full-time in fashion. As of May 2022, I have a minor in Fashion from Kansas State University and multiple years of experience. I am so passionate about helping people feel amazing in their own skin and expressing themselves through their clothing.


My favorite thing about fashion is that there's no right and wrong, despite what people might tell you. The only "wrong" way to do fashion is trying to force yourself into a style that you don't feel confident in.

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Exclusive Services

I’m here to help you find not only your sense of style, but your confidence, individuality, and aesthetic.

Get Started with a Consultation

This is a free 15 minute consultation with Reece to discuss your quiz results and determine what services would best fit your needs. We will talk about your style goals, budget, and preferences to set you up for success/review all possibilities so you can get the most out of me as your personal stylist.

Consultation | 30 min | $60

Regular consultations will consist of reviewing what's in your closet already, what we need to get rid of, what we want to add to it, and how to utilize what you already have by styling and pairing it in new ways. Seasonal consultations are just the regular consultations scheduled quarterly to prepare for the upcoming season.


Event Styling | $50

In this session you'll get  2-3 options for a specific event complete with jewelry, shoes, and suggested makeup/hair.



Wardrobe Makeover | $150

I will be putting together 5-8 outfits based on your 15-minute consultation and any other information you give me/I feel is necessary to know to be your personal stylist best I can. It will include where to get all of the clothing, which color to get, and how to style everything.

Inspiration Board | $40

If you just need general inspiration for creating your style/aesthetic, I will put together a board that includes a collage of pictures designed to give you a sense of your individuality within fashion.

NOTE: For consultations, I will get you in within 2-3 weeks, and then it will be another 2-3 weeks for me to fulfill your order. Consultations are not necessary for inspiration boards. If you are on a shorter time frame than this, I will complete everything within one week for an additional $20.

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