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Sierra is a Texas-based fashion creative. She got her start in the fashion industry in 2017 working in fashion show production and then later transitioned into being a personal stylist in 2020. Through her years of experience, Sierra has really honed in on educating her clients on how to create unique and figure-flattering looks.


If you’re looking for a style that will not only help you look amazing but will also teach and educate you along the way, Sierra is your gal!

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Exclusive Services

Sierra specializes in creating unique looks for everything from headshots to tropical vacations. Sierra also specializes in body type training where she focuses on teaching her clients how to determine what their figures are and then how to dress from there.

Get Started with a Consultation

This is a free 15 minute consultation with Sierra to discuss your quiz results and determine what services would best fit your needs.

Vacation Wardrobe Lookbook | $150-200

Clients will get a complimentary 20 min consultation where you and Sierra with discuss your overall vision for your vacation looks and how that correlates with your itinerary. From there, you and Sierra will agree on the number of looks that will be planned. Sierra with then send you a lookbook showcasing the unique styles that will best match your vacation plans. You will be able to comment on what you like and don’t. Sierra will then make all necessary changes based on your feedback and send you the final revisions in a chic lookbook. Timeframe: 20 min consultation call w/ a 5-day lookbook turnaround time.

Headshot Styling | $80

Sierra will follow up by providing you with a lookbook showcasing 4 stylish looks. You will be able to comment on what you like and don’t. From there, Sierra will make the final revisions and send you a completed draft of your 4 complete outfit ideas. Timeframe: 20 min consultation call w/ a 2-day lookbook turnaround time.

Body Type Training | $175

During a 45 minute to 1 hour call, you and Sierra will go over how to determine what your body shape is. From there, you will get a rundown on what silhouette to look for in garments such as trousers, blouses etc. By the end of our session, you will be left with a booklet of all the material that you and Sierra covered along with tons of style tips of what to look for when you go shopping.

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