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What’s up I’m Trevor and I’ve been a personal stylist/shopper for about 2 years with about 15+ years of experience in fashion, shopping and trends. I got into the industry by dressing my friends and family and starting a social media page of my own styles which led to gaining followers and publications and then to clients for professional styling. 


Lately, I have been styling and shopping for professional athletes and currently have a client who I style full time in the National Football League. Just like athletes with their demanding schedules, I feel my job is to give you one less thing to worry about in your day so you can perform and focus on more important things. "If you look good, you feel good" truly is a real thing. 


I am with Avasha to help bring those same services to anyone that is looking for an affordable, realistic, unintimidated approach to reaching their fashion goals. The fashion/styling industry can feel like a club that many are not allowed into, but I’m here to show that it’s a service that everyone can feel comfortable, welcomed and enjoy. I hope I can help you find your uniform for life and help you reach all your fashion goals. 

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Exclusive Services

Whether you’re looking for some quick outfit advice before a night out/date or want a whole re-haul of your closet, there’s a service that has you covered. Please feel free to message with any questions you have in regards to services before purchasing. 

Get Started with a Consultation

This is a free 15 minute consultation with Trevor to discuss your quiz results and determine what services would best fit your needs.

Virtual Styling & Shopping

General | 30 min | $45

Assemble style/mood board to create an idea for your future wardrobe that is not trendy, but timeless for you.

Areas in life to address or consider in your personal fashion.

Your goals in fashion.

With your existing wardrobe provide assistance and guidance for what is needed or what can be worked with. Determine if shopping is needed whether by myself or the client.

Give advice on personal outfit choices.

Shopping | 30 min | $45

I will help make decisions on online shopping purchases and determine if items are necessary for fashion goals or just general opinion on items.

Personalized Outfit Curation

Existing Wardrobe | $50 (Per Outfit)

With items presently in the wardrobe at time of consult, I will provide guidance, opinion or assistance to create a desired outfit or look. 


Shopping | $75 (Per Outfit/Hour)

I will assist in shopping online for an outfit or look that is not available in the client's current wardrobe. 2 or more items are considered an outfit for shopping purposes. 

Virtual Closet Audit | 1hr | $75 

We will go through your current wardrobe and determine the best course of action with what is on hand and can also assemble looks with what can be kept, determine what is needed for future shopping, and if it’s time to move on from certain pieces.

Virtual Gift Shopping | 1hr $75 (Per Recipient/Outfit)

I will provide gift selection outfits or pieces as recommended.

Seasonal Wardrobe Update | $250

I will provide a new wardrobe for the season present or future: 

Generally, would expect 10-15* pieces or 5-6* outfits that are interchangeable and allow multiple styles and variations to maximize longevity and versatility. *Budget Dependent*

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